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Gift Bag, Patriotic Themed trimmed with custom fringe.

(From L to R) Gale Scales, Fay Vance, Joyce Shores and Shelia Richardson, show off their Embellished Gift Bag.

These Ladies and Gent had a grand time creating a Patriotic themed gift bag, trimmed with custom fringe created using My Own Fringemaker. Congratulations great job! So easy and this was your first time making fringe too.

Clyde stood over Joyce's shoulder during the project, he says," I think I could make this too!"

Now we can see your three tiered stars - nice job!

Make this bag in seasonal themes. Change it up, make it taller, shorter, wider to hold treasure. Also change the iron on design, add more or  just one – make it yours!

Love the Red White and Blue, Go America

We did it in a couple of hours start to finish!

Fringe Sample Trunk Show; MidSouth Sewing Center, TN

Sweet Sarah models fringed samples.During the Trunk Show, Sara J. of Murfreesboro, TN  saw several fringed samples that looking interesting. After the Show she came up for a closer look. We started talking  she agreed to pose for the camera and thought it would be neat to model a few items. She’s precious isn’t she? She is the next generation of sewers. Brought to the Club Meeting by her very wise Grandmother. Thank you both for your participation in the photo shoot and feedback on the Trunk Show.

Laramie making fringe at AQS Show, Knoxville

Thanks Laramie for your help. We talked to so many people walking through The Show. Thank you to so many people who purchased My Own Fringemaker! Send some photos of your creations! Fringe on -

Laramie, did a lot of Fringe making demonstrations using My Own Fringemaker.

The Most fun Ladies getting ready to make fringe!

These three ladies stopped into my booth at the end of the day on the last day. They were laughing and had such a good time cracking jokes, I just had to have a photo with them! ( standing L to R is: Joanie, Helen, Me [Debi] and Melinda. Thanks for the many laughs ladies.
I’m looking forward to hearing more about Callaway Gardens hosting the Fiber Artist Event January 2011, through Melinda. Looking forward to seeing your fabulous fringe Melinda!

New friends from AQS Knoxville, Quilt Show July 2010

(Standing L to R July 2010), Joanie, Helen, Me (Debi), and Melinda These ladies were so much fun -each had such an incredible sense of humor;they had me in stitches -or should I say fringe? We just had to have a photo taken! Can’t wait to see what Melinda creates with My Own Fringemaker. Thanks for the encouragement and photo.

Updating and freshing a Fireman’s Themed Throw Pillow

Progress of pillow update. #1 remove one seam stitching. Pull out stuffing. I used the same stuffing but wrapped it in a cocoon of new batting. Reinsert back into pillow and re-fluff eliminating any lumps. #2 This is a trial run with one yarn wound onto the rod unit of My Own Fringemaker. I did not care for this fringe it was too fuzzy. Unwind that yarn and choose other yarns to create the custom fringe. #3 I choose four yarns and wound on a few inches to see how I'd like it. #4 Auditioning the yarns against the pillow to see if it is a go. "Yes, it's a good compliment!" You will need to wind enough fringe to go around the pillow circumference (wind on choice of yarns and sew. Repeat the procedure two separate times to make enough fringe to go around the pillow). Before removing the fringe from the rods each time. Cut the (yarns) now fringe opposite where you sewed the header, this creates loose hanging fringe. I stitched the first sewn fringe into the open side seam. Open the next side seam and sewed in the fringe. Opened the third side seam and started sewing in the second piece of newly created fringe and so on for the fourth side. #5. View of completed pillow. This method got the job done but is not the traditional method or the fastest. How do you like the pillow refreshed and updated with fringe? Visit our website to view more samples in the Gallery and watch the short instructional videos behind the HOW TO Tab. Thanks for looking, check back with us soon.
href=”http://myownfringemaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Fire-Theme-pillow-6-101.jpg”>Going green, updating and refreshing Home Dec Pillow with fringe.

Steps to refresh this throw pillow

Red Carpet Event with Christopher Nejman at Attic Treasures, Occoquan, Virginia

Michele uses 48" fringe as a scarf to stay warm in the AC while sewing.

Walk the Red Carpet Event, taught by Christopher Nejman was a enjoyed by all June 26-27 at the Springfield Marriott. He teaches many techniques, supported by a couple of trunks full of dazzling samples. Christopher has a great sense of humor and makes the time go by very quickly interspersing music and dancing. Judie, Owner of  Attic Treasures, a Baby Lock Dealer and her Staff provided a great event, there were smiles everywhere. The staff always at the ready to lend a hand or encouraging nod. The lunch each day was very tasty Thanks to all the work behind the scenes done by Joe.   After Sunday lunch we were treated to an amazing Trunk Show by Sue Obremski, a Licensed Instructor for Martha Pullen. She only teased us with a portion of her drop jaw beautiful creations. She showcased a diverse collection of beautiful things to wear for every season. Following this act was hard very hard!  Christopher allowed time on Sunday for a trunk show and demo using My Own Fringemaker – the ladies loved it.  After which he managed to get everyone up and dancing creating the Fringe Dance – which might be posted on You Tube. “This was too funny – a sight to behold, oh NO”!  Judie, this was a great event thanks for inviting us with My Own Fringemaker to participate. Hey, sewers and quilters when in the Virginia area (just outside D.C.) stop in Attic Treasures to meet Judie and her staff and check out sewn samples on display.

Michele, a participant, enjoyed the extra long Fringe as a mini shawl – just enough when wearing to take the chill off while working/sitting in AC all day. Very nice, you look like a savvy Fashion Model.

Here’s a special shout out to Gwen and Ann who very enthusiastic fans of My Own Fringemaker – –  – you’re terrific!

Thanks to each of you for your friendship, purchases, hints, laughter, and encouragement to go forward! Fringe on~

Bridal Shower Gift

Prepping for upcoming wedding. Do you think the Shower gift should have fringe on it? I hope to share photo after gifts are opened. Did ya’ll take a look at the Marilyn Monroe night gown trimmed out with fringe?  Let me know what you think the grooms’ gift should be… Hunt for nightgown in Website  Gallery,  http://www.myownfringemaker.com

Fringe Tiger Pillow ~ Extroidenaire!

Debi Baker, Baby Lock Educator, created this fabulous tiger pillow. It fits a 16″ x 16″ pillow form, however with flange and fringe it has a much larger presence. The tiger is a Zundt Design. The thread is a soft 40 weight metallic. Debi says it is easy to work with and doesn’t it make a statement! The fringe is made with seven – yup, seven different yarns. Debi says she wound on a few yarns but wanted more -so she wound on another one or two yarns over what she all ready had on the Rods, and at final count had wound on seven different yarns to achieve the look she wanted. Can you imagine finding this fringe – impossible! Even if you could find the fringe – what would it cost? It would cost too much! Yarn and ribbon is very inexpensive. You too can create fringe like this using My Own Fringemaker.

Debi loaned us her beautiful pillow for display in our booth during the Martha Pullen Sewing Market. Thank you Debi for creating such a beautiful fringed pillow! THANK YOU too, for the loan of this beauty during the show, many, many people marveled at your creation!

Designer Pillow created by Debi Baker, Baby Lock Educator

Martha Pullen Sewing Market 2010

Whenever you see the word sewing it’s the start of a great day!

This sign greeted everyone as we drove into the parking lot.