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Fringe Tiger Pillow ~ Extroidenaire!

Debi Baker, Baby Lock Educator, created this fabulous tiger pillow. It fits a 16″ x 16″ pillow form, however with flange and fringe it has a much larger presence. The tiger is a Zundt Design. The thread is a soft 40 weight metallic. Debi says it is easy to work with and doesn’t it make a statement! The fringe is made with seven – yup, seven different yarns. Debi says she wound on a few yarns but wanted more -so she wound on another one or two yarns over what she all ready had on the Rods, and at final count had wound on seven different yarns to achieve the look she wanted. Can you imagine finding this fringe – impossible! Even if you could find the fringe – what would it cost? It would cost too much! Yarn and ribbon is very inexpensive. You too can create fringe like this using My Own Fringemaker.

Debi loaned us her beautiful pillow for display in our booth during the Martha Pullen Sewing Market. Thank you Debi for creating such a beautiful fringed pillow! THANK YOU too, for the loan of this beauty during the show, many, many people marveled at your creation!

Designer Pillow created by Debi Baker, Baby Lock Educator

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