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Sandals Fringed

Take a peek at the new samples added to the Website Gallery. We decorated flip flop sandals like this one at our family reunion. I bought every color and size so no one would be left out. These are very inexpensive – often for $1.00 /pair. Pick up some various colored crochet string and yarns from Hobby Lobby Stores. The sample shown has an extra layer of bling, just inexpensive plastic jewels sold by the yard. This fun project will be finished quickly – but drying time will extend your wait. Make this an afternoon project – finish before dinner and let them dry over night. Plan on an excursion to town to show off everyone’s new duds for their dogs. Email a photo (reduced in size) of your creations with fringe for all to enjoy. http://www.myownfringemaker.com

To make this fringe set my own fringemaker unit up and insert rods in holes close together. Measure the sandal strap. Using sandal strap measurement, wind string on to the Rods the width you need for the straps. Take Rod unit to sewing machine and sew down the center between the two Rods several times to make a header. This will make looped fringe. Remove unit and Rods from under presser foot and take to table. If you want looped fringe remove the fringe you just made from both rods and glue onto the sandals. If you prefer loose fringe before removing the string from Rods cut the strings from the Rods. Once all fringe is off the Rods glue it onto the sandals.

HINT: To give the glue some help holding fringe onto the sandals we placed a narrow wax paper rectangles over the strap/fringe and held it in place with hinged clothes pins every inch or so. For general instructions on using My Own Fringemaker view the short videos behind the HOW TO Tab on the website.

Complete both flip flops with fringe, toss both into a straw tote, add a novel, a bag of snacks, a bottle of water and you've created a marvelous hostess gift AND had fun doing making it!

New Website

We are launching our first blog and our website tonight, this will be an exciting adventure! Come along with us and learn with us how to launch a product and beginning blogging. Website is: http://www.myownfringemaker.com

Travel, Tradeshows, Events

See you in Paducah at the Quilt Show Paducah 2010!

The Paducah Quilt Show was fantastic! – Quilters and sewers are  wonderful people!  The Quilts were amazing, Americans have talent! I would not have wanted to be a Judge.  Quilters do amazing fabric manipulation which includes piecing and or embroidery. There is a trending towards Art Quilts- these are beyond belief – and a definite departure from traditional piecing – both styles are wonderful to admire!

The Staff of American Quilter’s Society ( AQS ) did an amazing job facilitating the needs of vendors. There were hundreds of volunteers who help coordinate vehicle parking, managing the crowds and answering all questions.

We were located in The Bubble.  A pressurized building – when inside looks like a hollowed out large marshmellow. We liked that experience and thankful for having met many nice encouraging vendors.

We had the chance to chat with  Mike and Kari Morton.  They offer many different items all at Very affordable prices.  During the whole show Kari sat and demonstrated how to make the fabric bowls and they had THE best pricing for a coil of  fabric for this project.   Please visit their website. http://thestashstore.com

Thank you to Ann of Benton, KY who helped in the booth two days sharing her stories of making fringe.

I love the AQS Quilt Show.  Met some wonderful people! One lady came by who made a fabulous throw and trimmed it with fringe at the Martha Pullen Art School. It was the first time I had seen it – gorgeous, simply gorgeous.  Another customer,  quite a chameleon, is a quiet meek quilter by day and an awesome belly dancer by night and a motorcycle racer on weekends! Oh my gosh -another lady designs clothing and another creates costumes! These were some of the incredible ladies who I had the fortune to meet!

Thank you all!